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March 7, 2012
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Ket'Spallus, Primal Mage, and Gamonoite by Moleman9000 Ket'Spallus, Primal Mage, and Gamonoite by Moleman9000
Ket'Spallus is a sinister Mage–Class Primal Deity who manifested on Ergnoplis and remained there from Age 729 to Age 748, becoming the central figure of a small but dangerous cult. His form varies significantly from other Mage–Classes, making him quite unique. He is of distinctly male "gender", hence the pronoun used in the previous clause, and claims to have based his physical form upon a creature that existed on Earth. However, when manifesting he accidentally gave himself more limbs than that creature had. In an attempt to "fix" this, Ket'Spallus later had his Mulshian followers amputate one arm and planned on removing another before deciding that ten limbs was better than eight, and replacing the already removed arm with a synthetic one, again developed by his followers, who included many technological geniuses. Ket'Spallus is an extremely intelligent, if megalomaniacal, being, and upon examination of his lair, located in a subterranean cave system near East Egg City, after his defeat, tentative plans for taking over the planet were found. Several important Mulshian figures had assassinated by his followers over a period of years prior to this, and they planned to ultimately kill the presidents of the four capital cities of Ergnoplis in order to have their master seize control of the planet. However, this plan would never have succeeded even if Ket'Spallus had not been involuntarily banished before they could carry it out.

His other powers include ten varieties of energy beam, one for each arm. The robotic arm's ability is that of temporary and limited mind control; it is unknown what ability the original arm that was removed had. This particular power is very dangerous, as it could be used to make someone kill oneself, which indeed was the fate of more than one cultist who had failed Ket'Spallus multiple times. However, it would only work on the impure and weak–willed, a limitation that helped allow Ket'Spallus' downfall at the hands of one of his most trusted followers (see below). With his many articulate arms, he can scale almost any surface at any angle, though he can't actually float unlike most Primal Deities. His durability value is 16,000.

In Age 730, a mutant female infant with promising and unique was discovered by the Cult of Ket'Spallus, having been abandoned by her true family, and was raised by them and their master to be a silent and merciless killing machine, which she was for many years, taking the lives of over a dozen high–ranking Mulshian men in total. However, she had a change of heart in Age 748 when she met two would–be victims, Fire–Egg and Water–Egg, who were mutants just like her and convinced her to join them. An epic battle then broke out between the "Eggmen" and the Cult of Ket'Spallus including the deity himself, in which all the cultists either were killed or fled and the former assassin, who would be known as Wind–Egg, performed a ritual to banish Ket'Spallus from the Prime Galaxy forever. He is now doomed to float in dark space for all eternity and beyond, his only company being any other Primal Deities who were subjected to the same fate.

:bulletpurple: Gamonoite: Gamonoites are the sub–corporeal demonic minions of Genome, and the only race of demon that universally and directly serves him. They are created by Genome himself in his own image and reside inside the ancient platform at the bottom of Hell, in–between Satan and Genome. About a dozen Gamonoites exist at any given time, and if and when one is destroyed Genome simply conjures up a new one, similar to how DeyRhine and some other types of angel are reincarnated by God the Father. However, in the case of the Gamonoite, the replacement is a new entity entirely, for the creatures have no souls. They are in effect little more than extensions of Genome's own spirit, and though he does not directly control their every move, their actions always and inherently reflect the basic will of their master. Physically, Gamonoites are ghostly entities of about twenty feet in length, and they serve as the eyes and ears of Genome. They have the ability to make themselves invisible to others, and are periodically sent out into the Nava–Verse to spy on its inhabitants. The other demons do not approve of them, and try to stop them from reaching the Lower Dimensional Rift whenever and however they can, which does little to deter Genome. Gamonoites typically appear willingly only before "Genomists", mortals who for whatever insane reason worship the most evil being in existence. They have durability values of 2,000–2,500.
The-Akutsu Featured By Owner Aug 13, 2012  Professional Digital Artist
Got to say you have an interesting style. But all those colours make the shading harder or non-existent...specially on traditionnal..would be nice to make your creatures less flat looking.
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