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August 2, 2011
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Deadly Sin Demons: Set 5-2 by Moleman9000 Deadly Sin Demons: Set 5-2 by Moleman9000
:bulletpurple: Ferekkus (Archfiend of Lust): Alternatively referred to as an “Incubus”, the Archfiend of Lust is unrivaled as the master of his “domain”. The Ferekkus is the only being to which an Amelchya is obedient, and that is capable of engaging in intercourse with one without being reduced to hormonal slime. The Ferekkus are in fact masters over the Amelchya race, with each one having dominion over at least several of the Succubi. Their “Harems” may also include Iltazi. A portion of the life energy absorbed by all Amelchya is transferred to their Ferekkus masters, so that the Archfiends become more powerful as the demons in their harems claim more victims. Amelchya physically require Ferekkus to properly function: engaging in their usual activities without being linked to one causes their own life energy to be drained, and will eventually make them melt in the same fashion as their mortal victims.
The Ferekkus themselves bear the appearance of very large humanoids, averaging three meters, with an organ of unknown purpose superficially resembling a large hat attached to the head and neck, as well as a massive forked double–penis rooted in and hanging from the groin. They have an infinite sex drive and will never orgasm, meaning they can sustain sexual activity indefinitely. This attribute allows them to dispatch an Amelchya, as punishment for insufficient “performance” or for other reasons, by continuously raping her until her body melts after an overwhelming number of orgasms. Technically, it is possible for a mortal to destroy an Amelchya in such a way as well, however there are no verified cases of anyone accomplishing such a feat.
In keeping with his role as an Incubus, the Ferekkus is also known to periodically prey on mortal females similarly to how the Amelchya seduces males, melting them upon orgasm and absorbing their life energy in a nearly identical manner. The amount of power the demon gains from such an act is geometrically greater than the amount derived from each victim of his Amelchya clients, though it is not known what becomes of the female victims’ souls, whereas males are made into spiritual sex slaves of their assailants. Surviving an attack by a sex demon is substantially more difficult for females than for males, as the Ferekkus, unlike the Amelchya, is actually competent in a physical fight and can in fact be quite sadistic in a combat situation, and has a durability value of 2,500. In 99% of documented cases where girls have successfully fended one off, high–caliber weaponry and/or explosives of some sort were utilized.

:bulletred: Avolfho (Lesser Beast of Pride): A small but ferocious guardian beast that is the pet race to the Shindoke and Hoilidants. It is made entirely of various supernatural metals, is quadrupedal when moving and can retract itself into its spherical torso both for protection and to move around faster by rolling. If they were bigger in size, Avolfhoes would be absolutely terrifying to lay eyes upon, and more than able to hold their own against a Sworkat in a one–on–one battle, but for better or worse, they are no more than two feet in diameter while in sphere–form. Despite its small size, an Avolfho’s metallic body brings the creature’s overall durability value to 750–900.

:bulletgreen: Ixcrode (Archfiend of Gluttony): By far the most massive of the seven Archfiends and remotely contested for the title of the most grotesque only by the Zarasadan, Ixcrodes are more than fifty feet tall and twenty–five feet wide, having a durability value of 7,000, and weigh more than ten tons. And that is only taking into account the demons’ actual, visible bodies. The Ixcrode is a sessile beast, being rooted in the ground on the spot where it is born, with the roots, being the creature’s lower extremities, extending for hundreds of feet beneath the surface. Bear in mind that even if it was not rooted into the ground, this disgusting fiend could never hope to move its enormous girth even if it had the strongest legs in the Underworld, and it has none whatsoever. The fact that it cannot move is a good thing for all, including other demons, because from the location of each Ixcrode scattered throughout the vast expanses of the Cycian Deadlands and the Gomorran Desert is a putrid, rotten patch of slimy, squirming half–formed flesh secreting a mixture of rubbery excess fat, feces and bloodstream abscess, that extends in all directions from it for more than a mile, forming a circle of disgustingness with a diameter of double that length. At the center of which, the Ixcrode consumes, digests, secretes, excretes and regurgitates and then consumes again masses of its own demonic bodily juices in a perpetual, stagnating cycle. From the holed tips of the monster’s two enormous drooping appendages, the Ixcrode shoots concentrated jet–sprays of the various aforementioned substances, at a velocity which, combined with the materials’ highly acidic composition, can burn clean, gaping holes through the flesh of most creatures. The pollution caused by all this is, in perspective, comparable to that given off by a concrete pool of the same diameter, six feet deep with a flat bottom, completely filled with concentrated, pure nuclear waste. Only the death of an Ixcrode will bring about the (slow and gradual) evaporation of the foul pit of toxic horror surrounding it, but killing one is no easy task, one major difficulty being the fact that most mortal organisms would die of suffocation and poisoning before the monster even came within view if they attempted to approach it on foot.

:bulletblue: Whebbate (Greater Being of Sloth): One of the only distinctly female demons and a unit with a highly specialized, relatively useful role. Grasping a twin pair of magical staves in the talons of her two tentacle–like arms, each socketed with two huge deep–red rubies by which Primal Energies are channeled to supply the power source for the Whebbate’s unique signature spell, which almost instantaneously sends a single target into REM Sleep, their body going limp and collapsing to the ground, where they will remain incapacitated for at least several hours if not days. If the Whebbate does decide to murder the tranquilized victim, she will usually do so by gouging their face apart with the rough claws on one or more of her four feet. Because the spell takes several seconds to cast and can be rather easily interrupted, most Whebbates rely on stealth while approaching targets, opting not to be detected. Because of this weakness, they are not nor ever should be put on the front lines of large–scale battles, and are always stationed behind cover shields from which they must carefully focus and aim shots of their knockout spell at far–away targets. Whebbates are the size of the average humanoid, have durability values ranging from 600–800, and are fully intelligent and verbally intelligible.
RobCBH Featured By Owner Aug 19, 2012
Wow this is actually pretty cool looks like Mayan drawings, great work
Moleman9000 Featured By Owner Aug 19, 2012  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
There's lots more where it came from, and it all has backstory (see the description)!
ThatOtherArtist Featured By Owner Sep 17, 2011
These things are cool and weird and overcomplicated and all beautiful things. I love all your drawings and especially love their extensive explanations.
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