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November 29, 2011
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Assorted Creatures Set 4 EXPANDED by Moleman9000 Assorted Creatures Set 4 EXPANDED by Moleman9000

Yet more creatures!

:bulletgreen: Gworjini: A very special species from Terramos that is classified as both a plant and an animal, somewhat similar to the Omgnogg. However, the Gworjini is a very intelligent humanoid rather than a sentient bush. Their skin is made entirely of plant matter, while the internal systems are made of flesh and blood. Thus, they are true Omnitrophs. The vast majority of their population lives inside and around the Guardian of Terramos, though a few have left home to travel as far as to other planets, for some strange reason or another. Also, the Gworjini are one of the very few races in the Prime Galaxy whose females are both physically and intellectually superior to the males, which are short and stout while the women of the species are much taller and leaner, with three large breasts and a beautiful flower blooming on top of them as opposed to the males who only have a short antenna on top of their heads. The reason they were created this way, if any, is unknown. The range of their durability value goes from about 400 to 800, with higher values usually belonging to the females.

:bulletorange: Mirtrode (Nirtrid King): A special sub–species of the Nirtrids, the Mirtrodes are the most humanoid creatures in the Nirtrid family. Unlike their spawn, they somewhat resemble humanoids and could be considered beast–hominids. They are the patriarchs of the Nirtrid race, as all “Pure”, first–generation Nirtrids come from them. Having multiple sexual organs, it rapidly impregnates the related “Nirtrid Queen”, which has multiple separate reproductive systems and a very short incubation period, which accounts for the high population and diversity of the little monsters. Mirtrodes are also much stronger than they appear, having durability values of over 1,000 and channeling Primal Energies throughout their bodies. Still, this power pales in comparison to that of the creature’s female counterpart. Each Nirtrid King lives with one Nirtrid Queen deep at the center of their Nirtrid den, and only one patriarch/matriarch pair exists per hive. As such, Mirtrodes are very rarely seen up close, unlike their spawn.

:bulletpink: Bivangrante: A type of high–tier angel found in Paradise and the other upper Heavenly Realms as a class of holy guard. Bivangrantes are incredibly powerful. With neon glowing bodies, claws that can pierce easily through all forms of matter, and halos of pink electrokinetic Rainbow Energy, they each stand over two meters tall, are made of unfathomably dense extra–corporeal matter similar to what is found inside of a star, and are physically stronger and have higher fighting skill than any mortal warrior (without any special powers, that is). One of them can easily defeat a DeyRhine in a fight, despite having a considerably lower durability value of “only” about 3,000, and they are also capable of taking down most types of Deadly Sin Archfiends. The only major varieties of angel more powerful are the seven Archangels, and the Djinn/Arch–Djinn.

:bulletpurple: Errvwarp: A deadly flying parasite from Gorlune that latches onto the head of its victim with its grizzly “arms” and stabs its poisoned stinger into their skull, resulting in a horrible, slow death and sucking out the victim’s brain juices so that the Errvwarp can consume them into its own brain and become more powerful. The poison that this creature produces is deadly to all species other than itself, and gallons of said poison are stored in the form of yellow liquid inside it’s transparent cranium, where the multiple, wriggling tentacle–like brains are also clearly visible. The monster’s brains actually need to remain submerged in the poison liquid for it to survive, paradoxically enough, so breaking the glass–like but still very hard skull will kill it. The Errvwarp’s durability value is somewhere near 600; it has not been studied extensively enough to obtain an exact measure. This creature’s extremely dangerous attributes make it an ideal asset for offensive warfare, and indeed, the Skellen have managed to domesticate them and frequently unleash them in packs upon their enemies.

:bulletyellow: Zuckocone: Large and hardy, not to mention colorful, humanoids from Yominasst, they have a single eye as well as a single horn on their backs. Their durability value has the potential to break to 1,000 threshold, and their fists can break through boulders. Despite their monstrous appearance and great brute strength, they are a peaceful, and Godly race, like most in the Delta Octant, and in fact even moreso than many, to the point of them almost being pacifists. Almost. They’re very smart as well. Also, a notable and unique feature of the Zuckocone is that the males carry the offspring, which develop inside the upper torso and can be visibly seen through a soft spot in the body next to the head. This has been noted by other races to be rather “creepy”.

:bulletred: Trylepibe: A race of small and rather dull humanoids native to Zornemim. They naturally live in medium–sized tribes in and around caves scattered sparsely across the planet’s surface, but have for many years now been almost completely enslaved by the Demioids, who have also effectively brainwashed most of the population, though most are manual laborers rather than warriors. Trylepibes’ seemingly featureless arms are actually home to thousands of invisibly small feelers, which allow them to stimulate any surface with the as much of their limbs are touched to it. Most of their body is very hard, but a glaring weakness lies in both their chest and cranium, which for some reason partially expose the ribcage and brain, respectively, are much more vulnerable than the rest of the body and can be quite easily pierced/torn open. Because of this, their durability value is rather difficult to calculate, but can be averaged out to be about 500.

One of these creatures comes from a distant and lonely planet, and has an interesting tale to be told about it. The other four are all small, unremarkable bottom–dwellers hailing from Hulptos.

:bulletblack: Rai Raymut: A being that exists on the desolate planet of Murshunk, in the Zeta Octant. They are one of very few living organisms on a planet with very low biodiversity and an inhospitably hot and dry environment. In fact, they are the second largest creatures present on Murshunk (at over two feet), the third being less than a quarter of its size and the first being the unique special creation Stusthara. Rai Raymuts are tribal hunter–gatherer beasts that live on the sparse supplies of insects and plants on their planet, having a very high threshold for hunger that has allowed them to survive on Murshunk for centuries. Their main, and highly unique (for a mortal creature), defense mechanism is a powerful blast of Rainbow Energy released from their “faces”, which indeed have extra–corporeal properties, most likely as a result of their prolonged exposure to the magical rainbows produced by Stusthara. A secondary defense is the lashing of their tails. The Rai Raymut's durability value is 400–550.

:bulletpink: Porflark: A type of fish with pinkish–purple skin and sight mammalian features, which can breathe air but not survive on dry land. They reach out at food with their long, adhesive tongues, which extend for over fifteen inches. The diet includes, among other things, young Esmerolp, while mature ones are capable of harming the Porflark, at least in groups of two or more, which are rare. They’re also recognized for their strangely shaped and proportionally massive male sexual organs. Their durability value is about 200.

:bulletred: Hemahane: A red–colored crustacean with a spiny shell covering most of its body and a large, variable number of legs. Unlike the Qudsarb, the shell is actually part of the Hemahane’s body and grows around them during infancy. Red tendrils grow from the male’s shell during adulthood, which are used to attract mates. Hemahanes’ rugged teeth can break through certain softer types of rock, and some individuals are considerably larger than others. Its durability value is 150–250.

:bulletgreen: Esmerolp: Having a bloated, striated chest and also being known as the “Jester Jellyfish”, the Esmerolp is only a few inches in size and is quite rare, being sought out by some humanoids as pets. One reason that the creature is so rare is because of the many creatures that seek to eat it, including the Porflark and the massive Wresher. Its durability value is only 100. Perhaps it really is better off as a sheltered pet than as an animal in the cruel wild.

:bulletpink: Qudsarb: A strange creature that lives inside a shell. They tend to be attracted to “homes” that are pink in color with blue dots on them, which are rare but naturally found on Hulptos. It is claimed by some that such shells provide insulating nutrients that increase the length of Qudsarbs’ lives, though this is only a theory. They have tiny mouths that can consume certain vegetation and tiny organisms, but they are primarily filter feeders. Their true bodies are very odd–looking, if not disgusting, consisting of numerous wriggling buds, which sometimes seep out through the shell, as seen here. Durability value is about 300 with the shell, 150 without.


:bulletgreen: Vilvamion: The resident humanoid race of planet Jamblibam. Vilvamions are tall, limber and well–proportioned, having an ideal humanoid build that is arguably the closest to the human form itself (Connor Thorn being the only definite example of such that has ever been available to go by) out of all Nava–Verse humanoids. Their bodies, which can grow to be over six feet tall, are smooth and hairless. Their durability values are average, ranging from 500 to 700. The race's paradigm form (as well as its advanced intelligence) is particularly odd given that the Vilvamions live on a jungle planet that is otherwise totally wild and uncivilized. Indeed, the particular environment of Jamblibam has held back their ability to develop their own society significantly, as only scattered villages are possible to maintain there as opposed to a single interconnected, planet–encompassing civilization, which they would be more than capable of creating elsewhere. Nevertheless, the Vilvamions have been able to make the best of what they have on their planet. Their villages are fairly large, and their craftsmanship with wood, stone and clay is amazing. They spend a lot of time refining their building techniques and decorating their existing buildings; being unable to move on to the next developmental stage of civilization as long as they are on Jamblibam, they just keep building on what they do have. They have also attempted to utilize the caverns beneath the planet's surface as a travel network, but said caverns have proven to be far too dark, scary and occupied by monsters. Vilvamions maintain a steady and healthy meat–based diet derived from animals, the hunting of which is easier for them than for most since they are so skilled, and as for clothing/armor, they prefer wool and wooden, respectively.
A good number of Vilvamions have left Jamblibam and moved to more hospitable planets in hopes of broadening their horizons, and while some of them have found roles in more advanced societies, not enough of the overall population is willing to leave the aforementioned planet for the race to form a proper, independent civilization of its own elsewhere.
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awesome creatures :stormtrooper:
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Bizarro beasts I'd say, especially the newer ones.
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The thing is, I only added one today (the Vilvamion). The ones in the green box were there since November. I added the Vilvamion because it was the last new creature currently in my mind that had yet to be drawn.
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